About Royal Crown Hair Systems

Our main goal at Advantage Hair Systems is to provide top quality men’s and women’s stock and custom hair systems with transparent pricing and more accurate delivery.”
As all salons saw during the COVID-19 pandemic, the availability as well as the quality issues and the seemingly monthly price increases that plagued our industry forced many salons to close.

Now that things have returned to some semblance of normal, long time hair system suppliers have more than doubled their prices and yet still promise delivery timelines that can’t be met. Our experience being on the operating and retail side of this industry allows us to fully understand these issues and we will always put your client’s needs first.
This is why we formed our company. We have partnered with a great factory that has put timelines and quality as their top priority. We believe that all salons out there should be able to benefit from this. We feel that lower volume salons should not be charged more than the higher volume salons or have tiered pricing by suppliers. That is a huge disadvantage to the smaller salons and truly unfair. The price of the system should be the best possible wholesale price. Here at Advantage Hair Systems it doesn’t matter if you buy one system or twenty, your prices will always be the same…period.
We also offer expert ventilation services to help your clients who wish to extend the life of their hair systems. The services are performed at our Florida center. We do not send hair systems overseas to have hair added which makes the turnaround time much more reasonable.

We, here at Advantage Hair Systems, know that you will see
our desire and commitment to serve you and give you the best quality
service we can to help your business succeed.
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